Is Bude Missing Out?

A feeling persists that Bude, Stratton and the surrounding area, when it comes to significant investment in the towns and parishes, get forgotten; are too far away and miss out while others receive significant spending for their community and economy.

In 2021, after bringing together the community and receiving strong input from local businesses, Truro (£23.6m), Camborne (£23.7m), Penzance (£21.5m) and St Ives (£19.9m) are all recipients of Towns Fund support, helping to revitalise their economies and build a more inclusive approach for the community.

So why isn’t Bude also benefiting in this way, receiving funding to invest in its future?

Bude Coastal Community Team have secured new investment for the Bude area; there is the beginning of a Town Team approach and also established strong delivery such as Visit Bude’s support of the local tourism economy; but it seems clear that there is more that we could do. Each of the towns receiving investment have strong business organisations, covering all the sectors, that work closely with the community to make their case. Our event, Bude Business and Community on July 20th at The Falcon Hotel will look at some of the challenges ahead and suggest that there is more that we could do. Join us and other attendees from across the community, register for the event now and tell us what you think.

Bude Business Voice is a led by business. Working with organisations such as Bude Stratton Town Council, The Bude Area Tourism Board, Transition Bude, Parish Councils and the Bude Climate Partnership we want business to make a strong contribution to the future plans for Bude, Stratton, the community and the economy.

It is time for a strong Bude Business Voice.

To find out more about how you can get involved and how it can benefit your business, please contact us now: or

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