Bude Creatives

A Great Initial Response

We blogged at the end of November about our survey of creative businesses in Bude, Stratton and the surrounding area. What a response! Lots of great input and great ideas and, as we would have expected, demonstrating really interesting creative and business activity. Here are just four (amongst many) excellent examples of creative practitioners in the Bude community and economic area:

· Stacey Beaumont

· Budeful

· Quinton Creative

· Crafts on Sea

New Facebook Group

And now our Facebook page for the Bude Creatives is fully up and running. If you’re a creative practitioner or creative company in Bude take a look at the page and join the community; fifty-six members already have and in the coming weeks we plan live sessions, informative content and the opportunity to join the conversation and help to present the Bude area, collectively, as a great location for creative talent.

What's In a Name?

And we’re looking for a name for it all! If you’ve got a great idea, or like one of those you see in the Facebook poll, join up now and cast your vote!

Bude Business Voice

Bude Business Voice is a business organisation, led by business; and representing all sectors that make up the Bude area economy. Working with key organisations such as Bude Stratton Town Council, local parish councils and community organisations we want business to make a strong contribution to the future plans for Bude, Stratton, the community and the economy.

It is time for a strong Bude Business Voice.

To find out more about how you can get involved and how it can benefit your business, please contact us now: or

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