A proactive town needs a strong business voice

Across the country, organised towns large and small are securing new investment to tackle issues such as infrastructure deficits, addressing skills gaps and creating a more inclusive, economically resilient community. A prominent characteristic of a compelling town case is strong business input to proposals for new funds to enable a better, stronger future.

In Cornwall, towns like St Austell and Penzance have strong business representative organisations and others, like St Ives are bringing community and business input together to put forward proposals for significant new investment in their town.

Working with the business community we want to build a strong business voice for Bude, Stratton and the surrounding area. A business organisation led by business; and one that represents all the industries and sectors that make up the Bude area economy.

And then, working closely with key organisations such as Bude Stratton Town Council, community organisations and Cornwall Council we want business to make a strong contribution to the future plans for Bude, Stratton, the community and the economy.

We all hope that in 2021 the recovery from Covid-19 can begin, and when it does, in a fully non-EU existence of course, the Government will be ready to invest. They know that it will be needed; and it is the towns and places around the country which are properly organised with strong business input to their future plans that will achieve the most.

It is time for a strong Bude Business Voice.


To find out more about Bude Business Voice, how you can get involved and how it can benefit your business, please contact us now,

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